URGENT ! XSLT & Parameters

Hi !

How can I pass paremeters to the XSLT engine behind the pass-thru servlet?

JClark’s XT is ready to receive params and hand them off to the XSL, so what is the correct URL syntax to pass params to the servlet (version: ?

thx !

Hi David,

the current version of pass-thru does not support parameter passing to the XSLT engine.


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Therefore I will have to write my own :smiley:

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All you boys and girls

Is there a workaround like storing variables in a separate stylesheet?
How can one pass URLs that are not to be hardcoded in the stylesheet?


Christian Janssen

I don’t think there’s an easy workaround without source code changes. Would you be interested in helping to test a new version of the PassThru servlet code that incorporates this feature?

Michael Kay

As far as I am concerned, I have created a long time ago my own PT servlet (with parameters support and advanced XSLT cache management).


I would be happy to do so.