URGENT! Which data type can be used?

we are develping a EDI Project with WebMethod B2Bi Solution.

Now, we front of a problem.
We’d like to implement additional Java Service which could store a record to a record Reference List.
We try to input the value of each record element(field value), at pipeline.

On the input value, “ERROR_FILELIST” is a record reference list.

The source is follows.

======================== source start ======================================

IDataHashCursor pipelineCursor = pipeline.getHashCursor();
String fileSeqId = (String) pipelineCursor.getValue();
String fileName = (String) pipelineCursor.getValue();
String fileSize = (String) pipelineCursor.getValue();
String dateTime = (String) pipelineCursor.getValue();
String receiver = (String) pipelineCursor.getValue();
String sender = (String) pipelineCursor.getValue();
String direction = (String) pipelineCursor.getValue();
String path = (String) pipelineCursor.getValue();
String docName = (String) pipelineCursor.getValue();
String docSeq = (String) pipelineCursor.getValue();
String createDate = (String) pipelineCursor.getValue();
Values[] errorRecList = (Values[]) pipelineCursor.getValue();
/* Is that right to use Values[] for receiving input RECORD REFERENCE LIST?
In B2bIntegratorGuide, APPENDIX C-p.474, you say OK.
But it raise an error when input RECORD REFERENCE LIST have any null value.
In case RECORD REFERENCE LIST as input value is null, then there is no problem.
Which data type can be used to accomodate RECORD REFERENCE LIST as input value?


System.out.println("======= null check =========");
/* If we don’t null check, there were a NullpointException error occurred.
In the B2bIntegratorGuide, Values class(data structure) can store null Objects
but, in that case exactly occurred an error.

fileSeqId = (fileSeqId == null ? “” : fileSeqId);
fileName = (fileName == null ? “” : fileName);
fileSize = (fileSize == null ? “” : fileSize);
dateTime = (dateTime == null ? “” : dateTime);
receiver = (receiver == null ? “” : receiver);
sender = (sender == null ? “” : sender);
direction = (direction == null ? “” : direction);
path = (path == null ? “” : path);
docName = (docName == null ? “” : docName);
docSeq = (docSeq == null ? “” : docSeq);
createDate = (createDate == null ? “” : createDate);

System.out.println("======= hashtable =========");

Values entryError = new Values();
entryError.put(“FILE_SEQ_ID”, new String(fileSeqId));
entryError.put(“FILE_NAME”, new String(fileName));
entryError.put(“FILE_SIZE”, new String(fileSize));
entryError.put(“DATE_TIME”, new String(dateTime));
entryError.put(“RECEIVER”, new String(receiver));
entryError.put(“SENDER”, new String(sender));
entryError.put(“DIRECTION”, new String(direction));
entryError.put(“PATH”, new String(path));
entryError.put(“DOC_NAME”, new String(docName));
entryError.put(“DOC_SEQ”, new String(docSeq));
entryError.put(“CREATE_DATE”, new String(createDate));

Values valuesError = null;
valuesError.copyFrom( entryError );

errorRecList.add((Values) entryError);
/* I know above expression is wrong,
Let me knows which method can be useful to add a row to RECORD REFERENCE LIST.

IDataHashCursor pipelineCursor_1 = pipeline.getHashCursor();
pipelineCursor_1.insertAfter(“ERROR_FILELIST”, errorRecList);

======================== end of source =========================================

Is there any sample code, please notify to me.

Thank you !