URGENT: profiling tool

I need to use a profiling tool for IS services. I have found on wrightia a nice tool.

Do you know similar tools (easy to install and configure) that I could use?

I’m also interested in a profiling tool for myWebmethods server. Has anyone successfully used one?


Hi Vlad,
did you get answer for your question?
which profiling tool is good one to use?
can anyone give me the steps to us Yourkit profiling tool with wm-IS?
i appended
“-agentpath:E:\JAVAPR~1\YOURKI~1.3\bin\win32\yjpagent.dll” to java.exe command in server.bat file. Is this correct?
please advice.

thanks in advance,

Hi Sarat,

Sorry, but I have not used Yourkit Profiler before.

However I’m not sure how helpful a normal java profiler is for IS when you need to monitor flow services (written in xml).

For MWS I have successfully used the trial version of JProfiler.


Hi Sarat and Vlad,

Forgive my ignorance, I believe we have Optimize for Infrastructure (O4I) which does help in taking a look at what is happening across the services and processes.

Still why are you considering use of a Third Party Profiler?


Hi Anil,

OFI does provide some profiling capabilities for IS, and the ability to define Rules & Alerts over the service KPIs.

However, the Wrightia IS Service Profiler (ISSPROF) provides a few other features not currently provided by OFI:

  • Service invocation tree time metrics, and not only service-centric metrics (the time taken by a service may vary depending on the invocation path taken, and ISSPROF does show that)
  • CPU time metrics per service, and per service invocation tree (these are really useful for identifying IO bottlenecks as those don’t take up CPU time but consume time nonetheless)
  • Profiling on running services and service invocation trees, while they are actually running on the IS, and not as aggregated statistical data
  • Ability to get the Java stack trace of any running service thread
  • Small footprint on IS (no DB required, no changes to services, no configuration on which services to profile… just install it and start profiling)

Compared to OFI it still lacks the fancy graphical interface, the statistical analysis features, and any notion of past/trends/deviations.

In my opinion ISSPROF serves an “immediate” operational purpose (I need to know right now WHY a service is running slow), and as a means to accurately check for service performance bottlenecks while still in development stages. While OFI serves an operations management purpose (I need to know WHEN a known service is running slower than expected/required and be informed of such), along with great operations automation features (through Rules, Alerts, SLA, Actions).

I have used both of them before, and feel that they address different aspects of the monitoring spectrum.
OFI is great to monitor and control what you already know to need monitoring.
ISSPROF is great to find out what is happening now and may require being monitored in the future.

Please correct me if I’m getting the picture wrong, or neglecting somehow any other relevant aspect of OFI.



I haven’t really used Optimize for Infrastructure to much.

For java servers (IS, MWS) profiling (CPU, Heap, GC, method invocation count, etc) we are experimenting with jvisualvm (https://visualvm.dev.java.net/) a free tool that comes with java6. It looks promising.



Meanwhile, we have created a simple monitoring tool. You can find more details here:


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Another great option for profiling webMethods services: http://nanoscope.io