SKY Profiler - Performance monitoring & analysis tool for webMethods Integration Server

SKY Profiler monitors Integration Server's flow service invocations and the monitored data can be seen real time. A Correlation feature than maps service response time to system resource utilization to identify potential bottlenecks and thus helps operational / support teams to avoid any downtime. With easy to installation, Plug and Play feature, Start/Stop profiling when needed, less than 2% CPU overhead and almost no memory footprint, it is suitable for all the environments including production.

Submitted by: Yashwanth, Software AG, Jun 2017


SKY Profiler – Real time analytics of profiling data of production instances of Integration Server to identify potential bottlenecks and help operational teams to avoid any downtimes.

Problem Statement:

  • Profilers do class level profiling with no relation to IS flow services
  • Profilers consume a lot of resources so cannot be deployed at runtime in production
  • Profilers need restart of the application and cannot be plug-n-play


  • Plug & Play feature to use it in production
  • Very less Memory and CPU footprint
  • Correlation to identify bottleneck with live Integration Server
  • Baseline to compare against SLA violations
  • Snapshot and reporting for offline analysis
  • Multiple Integration servers can be monitored in single dashboard

SKY Profiler monitors Integration Server's service invocations. The monitored data can be seen real time. This helps users track the time taken for each service invocation and further drills down to the child service to identify which service contributes to time directly or indirectly.

SKY Profiler architecture

Fig 1. Architecture of SKY Profiler


The source code of SKY Profiler is open sourced and can be accessed at the following GitHub location

Repository on GitHub :