Urgent Plz help me with this error comwmlangxmlWMDocumentException

Hello all,

I was trying to create a webservice connector and encountered with the following error:
—com.wm.lang.xml.WMDocumentException: [ISC.0042.9327] Expecting </p> got </ul>—

I checked for well-formedness and validated the document but there were no errors/warnings. I went through the forums and checked the webMethods documentation but didnt find this kind of error.

Could someone plz help me on this.

Thanks and appreciate your inputs.


Definitely in the wsdl document tags are not ended properly it is expecting <p> with </p> there could be typo somewhere in wsdl or xsd’s.

Hope you checked properly the well form ness.Are you missing any thing it happens sometimes we over look.sorry for forcing you to check again.



Appreciate your feedback. I figured out the error and to let someone know in the future (if might encountered with the similar kinda error), heres the solution: Save the wsdl doc for the webservice on the localbox and create a webservice connector providing this local file location. I wasnt sure if that is the root cause why that went wrong but that worked in my case.

Thanks again RMG.

Sounds interesting…

But i do follows the same loading wsdl from local.so i havent faced the problems.

Thanks for update.