Urgent Help needed regd transforming an Idoc

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I followed all the instructions and configured the routing rule and was able to trigger a IS service when a Idoc was submitted using (WE19 transaction in SAP) but i am not able to read(transform) the idoc using transformFlatToHierarchy service as said in Documentation.the Pipeline shows some IDataXMLCoder structure which has the idoc in Values format how to convert this into a document which i can map to another format(Flat File).

Kamal -

If you are using webMethods 6, the legacy datatype com.wm.util.Table is not saving properly in the savePipelineToFile. To save the pipeline, use the following processing flow that will work, and allow you to debug using savePipelineToFile:

1 transformFlatToHeirarchy
2 map (drop the 4 variables listed as input to transformFlatToHeirarchy)
3 savePipelineToFile
4 restorePipelineFromFile
5 map (your custom document mapping)

  • Dave

Thank you very much for the immediate response now i am able to see Idoc values populated in my Idoc structure document and started mapping also.

Now can i use the transformFlatToHeirarchy service in the main flow (after removing savepipeline and restorePipeline) in the same way as you said by dropping the four input variables.


Kamal -

Yes, remove the save/restore pipeline service and just use transformFlatToHierarchy. You do not need to drop the 4 variables as listed as input to this service.

  • Dave


yeah, I removed both the services and tested it. Its working fine and i am able to write to a file successfully.

I really appreciate your help.

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How are you writing the IDOC into the flat file?
Are you using built- in services?? if so, which ones??



I am using a built in service , you can find one in wmSamples - Sample -IO -Test-writToFile.

hope this helps.