URGENT: Export package From NT to UNIX

What do we have to do to export a package from NT to UNIX. I create the package, ftp-it to the unix box and when I try to install the package, nothing append and there’s some Java exception in the Error Logs (Null pointer exception).

There shouldn’t be a problem moving between OSes unless there is some OS specific code in Java services or C/C++/VB/COM services that can’t run in Unix.

  1. Make sure you are using the Server Administration screens to create the released package and install the package. These operations use the server replicate/inbound and replicate/outbound directories, respectively.

  2. Check for C, C++, VB or COM services. Recompile or port them as needed.

  3. Look for OS specific code. For instance file names that do not use the property file.separator may be causing IO methods to fail and making code dependent on the file to exception.

  4. What are the versions of the Integration Server on the NT and Unix systems? It is possible if the Unix version is and earlier release, the package could be dependent on features that are not present.

  5. Post the stack trace of the NPE that is in the error log.

just a thought…when you ftp it, are you using binary transfer mode?

We’ve had a similar issue. Although not going from NT to UNIX, we have seen the following:

  1. Export package with new version
  2. Ftp to replicate/inbound dir of destination
  3. Install inbound package using Administrator

What happens to us is the screen refreshes, but does not display the red box stating “FooPackage Installed Successfully.” Instead it looks like it just refreshed the screen and did nothing, and we see a java error in the logs sometimes.

We’ve had webMethods support look at it (since we’ve had it happen to more than one package). Their response was to do a Safe-Delete of the package first, then do the Install from inbound. When we follow those steps, everything works fine.