URGENT:-- DB Configurator script creating tables inside dbo schema instead of specific schema


When we are trying to run the below script, it is creating the table inside the default dbo schema. We are running
the configurator for TN table creation. The database is SQL server,

./dbConfigurator.sh -a drop -d sqlserver -c TNS -v latest -l “jdbc:wm:sqlserver://;databaseName=wmdbden6” -u WMTN -p WMTN -n WMDBDEN6_FG1

WMDBDEN6_FG1 is the file group inside the SQL server database wmdbden6. Ideally it should have created the
tables inside the WMTN schema which is already defined. Can you please let me know if anything is wrong with the
script. We have also tried the below script with same results.

  1. ./dbConfigurator.sh -a drop -d sqlserver -c TNS -v latest -l “jdbc:wm:sqlserver://;databaseName=wmdbden6” -u WMTN -p WMTN -n “WMDBDEN6_FG1.WMTN”

  2. ./dbConfigurator.sh -a drop -d sqlserver -c TNS -v latest -l “jdbc:wm:sqlserver://;databaseName=wmdbden6;schemaName=WMTN” -u WMTN -p WMTN -n WMDBDEN6_FG1

    Capture_before running script.JPG

I think all tables suppose to be owned by DBO, so they should be viewable under dbo.
pls check with your DBA.

Yes please check with your DBA/owner of the TN schema unless your db configurator shows it ran successfully and it shows the table counts.


Hello All,

Thanks for your responses. However the issue has been resolved by restricting the access of the individual users.
Earlier all the users had sysadmin/sysdba level of access , thats why they were creating the tables inside the dbo
schema as default schema for sysdba in MS Sql is dbo. Now the access has been restructed to only create and drop
and the user has been mapped to the schema ( which is not a default case in MS SQL. In oracle user is automatically mapped to schema). Now it is creating the tables inside respective schema.

Thanks and Regards
Abir Banerjee

Yes that is correct…glad to hear the issue resolved now: :smiley: