UPPERCASE property of FIELD and Locale

The FIELD component has an UPPERCASE field:

I think this automatic transfer is done without taking the Locale into consideration (i.e. by just calling toUpperCase() method of String).

According to the Java coding standards:

class Foo {
 // BAD
 if (x.toLowerCase().equals("list"))...
 This will not match "LIST" when in Turkish locale
 The above could be
 if (x.toLowerCase(Locale.US).equals("list")) ...
 or simply
 if (x.equalsIgnoreCase("list")) ...
 // GOOD
 String z = a.toLowerCase(Locale.EN);

The locale property can be obtained from the current adapter’s getLanguage() method.

…well, the update is done in the browser, using the JavaScript function + a certain style. There is no roundtrip to the server for this…