Upper Case Problem with SAP Function

Dear all,

I created a function in SAP (SE37) to invoke a Flow on SAP BC.
This works fine. The material text is beeing exported to the flow.
(savePipelineToFile) I can see this. The only but big problem ist that all the text is on upper case. But I need it neccessarily like this “Materialtext_H_33” . All I can see in the pipe: “MATERIALTEXT_H_33”.
I am getting nuts. All I try (different SAP domain (domain is case sensitive) does not work.
I have no idea how to tell SAP BC how to import the variable case sensitive !

Any input is appreciated.
Thank you all in advance.



Hi everybody,

for all who will have the same problem in future:

If you test in TA SE37 your function, you can see a flag. It is named “case sensitive”.
Just flag it and you get happy :smiley: .

Thank you all.