Uploading XML-data into a higher level node ???


is it possible to upload new documents into a collection and place the information somewere else than as a child of the collection-root ?

I want to upload chapters of a documentation into the db and I want the XML for chapter 4.1.3 to be placed within chapter 4.1 and not as a root node. Can anybody help me ?

Thanx in advance,
Christofer Dutz

Hi Christofer,

I think that you would need nested collections, which isn’t possible at the moment (at least, as far as I know).

It is possible to update an existing “book” document to insert the “chapter” document, but I think this is slightly different to your intended modelling. (I guess that you want the “chapter” to be a separate doctype.)

Although inserting chapters into the book documents appears to “bury” them, it is still possible to retrieve chapters as distinct objects, with an XPath query like:
/book[@title=‘Huckleberry Finn’]/chapters

(Assuming that the book doctype has a sub-element called “chapters”, this would return the chapters for Huck Finn.)

You could also make the relationship some other way, such as: store “book” documents in the collection, then add XLink references from book to the “chapter” documents.

Hope that helps some.