Upgrading to v9.5 (from v7.1.2/v7.1.3)


Just curious, has anyone successfully upgraded to v9.5 and is it stable yet?

My Env Details:

  • Current: RH Linux - webMethods v7.1.2
  • Proposed Upgrade to: RH Linux - webMethods v9.5
  • Components: IS, MWS, Deployer, Trading Networks and Broker (Normal and JMS)
  • Adapters: SAP, JDBC and MQ

In relation to above proposed upgrade, I got few queries and can you please help me with these:

  1. I understand that we got to be on v7.1.3 to upgrade to v9.5 - is this still a hard rule?
  2. Do we have to recreate the web services? Or does the backward compatibility will do just fine? (Can you please share your experience on this)
  3. Any changes to performed to the components of SAP adapter?
  4. If we retain the native broker in the new env (and not opt for UM), do we need to make any changes?
  5. Can you please share any lessons learnt or guidelines which helped you during your upgrade of above listed components, or even in general.

We just kicked off our upgrade discussion, hence the queries aren’t specific but are general in nature. Hope you understand :slight_smile:

Thank you!


Some first responses:

It is strongly recommended to update to 7.1.3 (with latest Fixes) where available.

As UM does not yet support native pub/sub as the Broker currently do, you should consider to stay on Broker for 9.5.

Upgrading to UM should be considered in the next round when native pub/sub is available for UM too.

As the Adapters for SAP, JDBC and MQ remain on the same version as before you should only consider applying the latest fixes for them together with the latest versions of their libraries.

For the webservice I will keep you updated as we shortly before starting the real migration for our project.

Please check for the webinar about upgrading available from the SAG homepage.
One suggestion made in this webinar is to get in contact with SAG Professional Services to assist you in checking and planning. They can take into account the specifica for the project more better as we can do here.


Hi Pramod,

My 2 cents:

I suggest 7.1.3 --> 8.2.2 [It is required, even though you migrate to 9.5] --> 9.6. No issue with OS. We migrated from 8.2.2 to 9.5 on RHL. 9.5 V is stable.

  1. Yes 7.1.3 is required to use the Migration Utility of webMethods.
  2. No need as far as I know. [As suggested by Holger, you have to check the backward compatibility option in web connectors]
  3. Need to check you SAP Adapter SAP*.jars. Latest version of SAP adapter requires 3.XX versions SAP client jars.
  4. We face some problem with deprecated classes java in custom codes. If your code based rely heavy on APIs of webMethods IS/TN, you need to put lot of effort as a good number of services are deprecated from 7.X version. A good discussion at : http://tech.forums.softwareag.com/techjforum/posts/list/52269.page



Hi Pramod,

I have to work on one migration project from 7.x to 9.5
I saw you post and I think you are now done with this exercise. Below are the major steps we identified:

1)Steps like first identify deprecated services and create list of services that need rectification

2)Backup of current version

3)Setup new database.Move existing DB assests and run migration scripts, See document to comment few lines of migration scripts based on version

4)Install IS,MWS, …

5)Add latest fix.

6)Normalize time-stamp

7)Move all packages,Move ACLs & Schedulers and other required IS assets

Currently I am looking for some tool/tips: how to find all deprecated services?

Need your inputs.


  • I am migrating from 8.0.1 to 9.5. Is it necessary for me to migrate it to 8.2.2 first then to 9.5 or directly i can go-ahead with 9.5
  • Is it mandatory to install latest fixes in 8.0.1?

Hi Lance,

8.0.1 to 95 direct path is supported as per 9.5 upgrade guide (http://techcommunity.softwareag.com/ecosystem/documentation/webmethods/wmsuites/wmsuite9-5_sp1/SysReqs_Installation_and_Upgrade/9-5_Upgrading_webMethods_Products.pdf)

Its not mandatory to install latest fixes on any version before migration, but there are some specific fixes for some specific products that need to be applied mandatorily. To these mandatory fixes, please see the respective upgrade guide.
As I had a glace at 9.5 upgrade guide, you only need to install only Optimize and Infrastructure datacollector fixes only on 8.0.1 …