Upgrading to 8.2.2 from 7.1.3

Hi everyone,

Has anyone experienced any odd behavior or “gotchas” when upgrading from version 7 to version 8?

I am mostly interested in any issues encountered on the Integration Server and within Designer, but if there have been any experiences with CAF, MWS, or MQ utilization I would appreciate that feedback as well.


Upgrading from 7.1.3 to 8.2.2 should be straight forward. What are the different components you are interested in to migrate? You will have to use the Integration Server built-in migration utility which will migrate all your IS and TN stuffs to the newer version. Do you have to take care of Delta transaction data?


The components as mentioned above, with specific focus on MQ and web service development. We use MQ as our back plane for JMS. To answer your question, no, we do not have to take care of Delta transaction data.

As an example of the types of “gotchas” I’m interested in, I have found that there are acknowledged issues with creating doctypes from / or otherwise importing existing schemas that will be used as new objects in 8.2. Apparently, within the XSDs, imports must follow includes or errors will be presented by Designer. We have a ticket opened with SAG on that.

These are the types of issues I am interested in. Can anyone add?

Please share moe details of Delta transaction data. During migration which Delta transactions we have to take are.


Web services - watch out for the behaviour of xs:nil (or whatever it is) - They sneak in to your soap responses where you were leaving out a return value and relying on the IS to stick that in the soap document. You can turn it off for the whole server if you need or test callers to see if they can handle it for the null values.
There’s also the error structure returned has changed - e.g. instead of in the field itself it sticks a child tag *body in there.
Web service aliases have changed between 7 and 8.2 - there’s now consumer and provider ones.

Few things with process models… Including the IDE hiding the implementation services by default - that one catches people out.

There are a couple of math list operator services that now throw exceptions when you don’t pass anything in (makes it consistent with other maths functions).

Nathan Lee

Thanks Nathan – this is precisely the type of info I am looking for.

Can you give me more details on this one? Is this with the LastError structure, or with SOAP faults … ?

Anyone else with some tips?

Can you also explain exactly how to do this?

Nathan,can you elaborate more on this please?

[COLOR=#000000]FOR Models, the ioin step is considered a “synchronization point” whereby all transitions coming into that join must arrive “alive” before the Join will be
satisfied. In other words, dead transitions are ignored.

[FONT=“Courier New”]So we had a eng fix from SAG.[/font]


Can you explain how can we display the implementation services by default…on 822 Designer…as I am facing same issue when exporting process models from 713 to 822

Just add some to this discussion. In 8.2.2 BPM is changed a lot though there is backward compatibility but one change you have to take care which is mentioned in the BPM document as well.

"OR—the step processes the incoming data when any incoming transition is satisfied
(that is, provides data). The OR join exists as an unsynchronized OR (Process Engine
version 7.x) and as a synchronized OR (Process Engine version 8.0 and later). A
synchronized OR has the ability to create multiple tracks through a process for every
true inbound transition, where this is not possible with an unsynchronized OR.


You need to check the Designer–>Window–> preferences and see which logical server (IS) you connected has Default or not…So that in steps you should see or select Default option instead of any other naming connected for that IS…

Is that you are looking for?


On Designer 822 , we have process development in two modes 1. business analyst mode 2. process developer mode…The tabs/features are not fully displayed in business analyst mode, switch to process developer mode to see tabs like ‘implementation’

Yes understood.