Upgrading Broker C# client applications from 6.5 to 8.0

hi , we have a .net winform client that sends/receives messages from a 6.5 broker and it is using the awnet61.dll .net assembly.

however, we are currently trying to upgrade to 8.0.1 and it appears that there is a completely new C# assembly called webMethods.Msg.dll. It appears to be completely different than the awnet61.dll in that we now have to write more of the lower level code to create custom broker clients.
Whereas the awnet61 assembly has a brokerclient class already.

use awnet61


can anyone help?

thank you!!


From the description it sounds like awnet61.dll is .net wrapper over existing Java API (brokerclient.jar). You can try looking in the upgrade guides for version 6.5, 7.1, and 8.0. There should be something mentioned there if a dll is renamed/modified.

In case you do not find anything there, raise a support request to find the recommended upgrade path.


thank you Sandeep, it does appear to be a com wrapper but the method/property in the wrapper are not 1 to 1 with the methods/properties in the java or c libraries. so since we’re using the C# clients looks like we may have to write the Stubs in C/C++ and then export to C# using a com wrapper only for the methods/properties we need…i guess.

i did submit a SI to softwareag and they are looking.

thanks for responding. we got this dll from them to begin with so hopefully they have an update for it.




 I will use C# send message to Broker,but I have no idea how to do it;could you share your 

code for me and the detail steps?Thank a lot