Upgrade to Oracle 10g

Currently we are using JDBC Adapter v6.0.3 with oracle v9.2.
We are planning to upgrade our database from oracle v9.2 to oracle 10g.
I want to know what will be the impact on our integrations?? Do we need to reconfigure our adapter services, notifications and mapping or will it work properly??

Please let me know as soon as possible.

Thanx in advance,

Hi Ramnish,

simply replace your old classes12.zip or *.jar (For JDK1.2 & 1.3) or ojdbc14.jar (For JDK 1.4+) with the new version for Oracle 10g.

We are currently using the JDBC-Driver for 10g with our Oracle 9i R2 databases as this is the only driver which allows LOBs in thin driver mode.

From point of view there is no need to change any of the adapter service et al.
Maybe you have to adapt your connections due to changes during the oracle setup.


I haven’t tried it yet with Oracle 10G but, I’m hoping that it is as easy as Holger explains. That would be real nice ! I did ask the question to webMethods support a couple weeks back and got this response, and also a note regarding RAC(if applicable).
The vendor confirms that 10g is supported on 6.0.3.

Hi Holger and Randy,
Thanks a lot for your prompt replies.
Using your inputs we will build a small pilot and test it thoroughly.
If we are able to migrate successfully in the pilot then we will have a full fleged implementation.

Thanks and Regards,

Hi Ramnish,

please note that webMethods Platform 6.1 does not suppport Oracle 10g.

Oracle 10g is officially supported starting with 6.5.

This relates to wM internal database functions like auditing, document history, TN, …