upgrade SAP Adapter 4.6 -> 6.5 now (or wait ?)

We are planning an upgrade from IS 6.0.1 to IS 6.5 in August 2006. We currently use IS + TN + SAP Adapter 4.6 SP5 with JCo 2.0.10. We have around 10 IDOC types processing from SAP to wM, and about 60 BAPIs / RFCs from wM to SAP. We don’t use any ART-type adapters.

Various Advantage knowledge base articles as long ago as July 2005 recommended to wait for SAP Adapter 6.5 if upgrading to IS 6.5, but Advantage compatibility page from Jan 2006 still showed SAP Adpater 4.6 to work with IS 6.5, and GA release of SAP Adapter 6.5 was only announced last month.

Has anybody trialled / used the SAP Adapter 6.5 yet? Any comments about risk / benefits of using brand new shiny SAP adapter ?

Please note that I have asked wM support about the “migration utilities” mentioned in the Release Notes, will post back here when I get a response.

Regards, Martin


We are started using SAP Adapter 6.5. There are lot of good features. There is no need for partner manager to route message. Instead that they simplified the approach like adapter notification. Any iDoc posting/RFC invoke will publish broker notification. The business components is just to create a trigger to consume that doc and process the same.

To send a iDoc/make RFT, its just like creating a JDBC adapter service and just invoke the service. Just invoke the service by populating the iDoc fields.

Hope this help…


we used SAP Adapter in my last project, it is good initial u need to apply the patches go through the Advantage for Patch list and 6.5 performance is also good.