Upgrade from 6.5 to 6.5 SP3

Hi There,

We are planning to upgrade all our WM components (TN,IS, EDI, Workflow, Modeler, Monitor etc) to the 6.5 cumulative Service pack 3.

I was wondering if anyone has experience in this upgrade and if there were any issues that were faced or lessons learnt etc.

Any information would be extremely valuable.


Im definitly having issues, it seems to depend on what options you had installed before, I think theres something up with installing it if you had the PKI option in your current install.

So far Ive had a crack at 3 servers and only 1 upgraded successfully, ill report back when I find out what Im doing wrong.

I just got it down then on our HPUX machines, even if you dont have the PKI option installed before, I found I had to include it in the SP3 download