Updefine schemas - royal pain!

Hello everyone.

I was just wondering if I am alone in thinking that Tamino’s schemas leave much much to be desired?

Namespace support is bad as it is now, include doesn’t work, and updefining a schema is really difficult.

Especially updefining a schema gives me problems. There is just so many restrictions, it’s unreal. I am wondering if this is going to change?

Case in point (can’t find a mention of this in the documentation): adding the patter facet to a schema and then updefining the schema simply won’t work. Doesn’t matter if there are doc instances and whether or not the instances comply to the new pattern.
I for one find it very difficult to have to save all data, undefine a schema and then upload the schema and then the data for one simple pattern change!

Any ideas if they are considering improving support for this and the namespaces ?