Updating of IS doctypes based on XML schemata stored in CentraSite

I’m creating IS doctypes which are based on XML schemata stored in CentraSite.

  • how can I update a doctype when the XML schema in CentraSite got updated?
  • what’s the preferred way of updating a schema in CentraSite? create a new version or just overwrite the existing xsd-file?

Any help is highly appreciated.

Hi Michael,

For your first question: There is no way to auto-overwrite of CS XSD as IS DocType.
When you know that the CS Schema updated, recreate the IS DocTypes to make align with the updated schema in Designer by selecting the schema in CS Registry Explorer.

It would be better if you have a version based data for ease of management.

I think you are creating IS DocTypes for a schema which is imported in CentraSite.

Hope this helps.


Nagaraju, thank you, for your quick reply!

Yes, you’re right: I’m creating IS DocTypes based on schemas imported to CS.

If I need to re-create the IS DocType in case of an updated schema, I have to delete the existing DocType first and then create the new (updated) one.
What happens to services and processes, which already use that DocType? Do they render unusable after I delete the old one and create the new one (with the same name)? Or do I have to manually adjust every process and service to use the new (updated) DocType?

Or - do I have to handle multiple DocType versions also in IS and when I create an updated DocType to refactor every service and process to use the new one?

Thanks in advance for your help!

PS: Feature request: update an IS DocType automatically (via context menu) to use the most recent version from CentraSite