Update the value of "watt.common.log.inout.messages" from another DSP

Hello Experts,
I have a requirement to retrieve the extendedSettings (“key=value” parameters) from an Integration server and display them over a custom made DSP. Also update the value of a parameter such as watt.common.log.inout.messages from ‘True’ to ‘False’ and vice-versa, from the custom DSP

Just to let you know that I am able to retrieve the extendedSettings using ‘getExtendedSettings’ and display it. But when I am trying to update a parameter value say for example watt.common.log.inout.messages=false (which was set to ‘true’ initially), and hit the save changes button, the value gets reverted back to ‘true’.

Note: The custom DSP page is almost a replica of the ‘settings-extended.dsp’ present in the WmRoot package.

Any help/suggestion would be much appreciated in this case!


not sure if you are allowed to do that without violating license/support agreement.
pls check with SAG first.

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Strange, can you try using the service “wm.server.admin:setExtendedSettings” by invoking it in your DSP, make sure you pass the new settings with the existing ones if not it will overwrite all of them.


watt.server.compile=C:\wMServiceDesigner\jvm\jvm\bin\javac.exe -classpath {0} -d {1} {2}

Hi Sandip,

can you explain, why you need a custom dsp here?
I think the existing dsp is sufficient, even for custom defined parameters.


Hi Holger,
Just to answer your query, being an OPS team, our idea is to use Production IS only for verification purpose. And use the custom made DSP to execute all the BAU activities such as : cache refresh, inout logging enable/disable etc.

Thanks Mahesh for the above suggestion. Will give it a try. However, I am wondering if I need to invoke- wm.server.admin:setExtendedSettings step in my custom service ? Have attached a screenshot of my (one liner) code. As I had mentioned above, currently I am able to do a “getExtendedSettings” and display it on the custom DSP.

Thanks for your reply Tong. will check within the team.

I suggested “wm.server.admin:setExtendedSettings” service if you want to update the extended settings programmatically and if that is not the case you need to use this service.