Update of resource data on data

Hello ,

when updating via export the resource on a SOA Gateway server I switched on the flag “Update immediately” but it seemed to me that it does not function. Is this behaviour known?

Can you explain how this immediatly updating is implemeted? In the SOA server ? In apache?

I appreciate any info about this topic

Regards Dago

“Update Now” means that the Resource Description / XSD (i.e. the “view” to ADABAS data you are exposing) will get activated by the SOA Gateway Server immediately, otherwise the server would have to be restarted to activate the new “view”.

So if you add or remove a field from the Resource Description (XRD),
first export it without “update now”, you shouldn’t see update reflected in the WSDL immediately,
then export with “Update now” and your changes should be there without the server being restarted.

Addendum: If you are using XMLSpy, please be aware that it does some caching and you’ll have to restart XMLSpy to pick up WSDL changes on the server :wink: