unload data adds 'xml:space="preserve"' in every e

hello all,

(i don’t know if my question fits better here or in the Installation, Setup and Administration, so i’ll post it in the two forums. Sorry for the redundance)

I am now working with the 4.4.1 version of tamino and testing its ability to handle xml documents that are encoded after the Text Encoding Initiative.
The first step i ad to take was to define the schema. Mine has an import :

that i had to turn into

to be able to define it and then load data into Tamino without any error.

My “problem” is now that when i unload my documents to check their integrity, i get this attribute
written in every elements of my documents. I think it shouldn’t be to hard to write an xslt to correct this i really would like to know why such a thing happens and if there’s a tamino way to get rid of this.

thanks in advance for any piece of advice,

I have just noticed that the imports i’m talking about are not displayed so i deleted the :

import in the original schema
xs:import namespace=“The "xml:" Namespace” schemaLocation=“xml.xsd”

turned into the following when converted to tsd :
xs:import namespace = “The "xml:" Namespace” schemaLocation = “…/ino:collection/xml_lang_space”