Unix shell script invocation from webmethods in nt

Can somebody tell me if it is possible to invoke a shell script in Unix environment from, a webMethods server running in NT, without using FTP or any java server installed in unix environment or MQ Series installation on Unix side.


Yes, at least two ways - try to get the executer adapter from webMethods - it enables you to do exactly that. Otherwise you can download NetComponents - it allows you to do (among other things) remote execution, which should sort out your problem.
Hope this helps


Dear W,
thanx for the info…
does netcomponents come as a free download?


Yes, netcomponents comes as a free download - try http://www.savarese.org/oro/software/NetComponents.html. It works very well for doing both remote execution and FTP.
The executer adapter is available from wM free of charge (at least it was when I last checked). However, if I remember correctly, they don’t really support the executer adapter anymore.

Are you doing this from ES or IS? If from IS, also have a look at WmSamples package under commandLineExec (don’t know if it’ll work on Unix, haven’t tried that yet).