how to execute UNIX Script from webmethods

Hi All,

i have one requirement, please suggest me , is it possible to run the unix script from webMethods, this UNIX SCRIPTS should communicate to the UNIX BOX and should get the response from UNIX BOX.

Is it possible in webMethods to handle this.

anil akumar ellendula

If you download the PSUtilities packages from the advantage website, then this package has a Java service (ps.util.system:executeOSCommand) that will allow you to invoke a OS level command (e.g. a UNIX shell script) and access the response. The only caveat of this is that the scripts must reside on the same Unix box.

Hope this helps.

thanks for reply Stuart Fyffe-Collins, please confirm me with this utility service can i execute the UNIX Scripts in remote UNIX OS Server, if yes how connect to the UNIX Bos with this PSutility service.

anil kumar ellendula

The PS utilities allow you to run a local command. If you need to run something on a remote server you have to have a mechanism to get there. Often this is something like SSH. If you have that then you can write a local script that connects to the remote server using that. There is an openssh sample package on this site that allows you to do that as well.