Universal Name

Dear All,

I have created a service nesma.receive.paynotifyrq:prnq

I want give this service to my client as below URL please note without invoke prefix after port,


[URL=“http://nesmaprod:8976/nesma.receive.paynotifyrq”]In order to accomplish this, I did following

  1. Added a port 8976, allow by default
  2. Added Universal namespace to http://nesmaprod:8976/nesma.receive.paynotifyrq
  3. local name to pnrq.jsp

but I call the service i get following error,
No such object: nesma.receive.paynotifyrq/pnrq.jsp

Any suggestions please how to acheive it.


I don’t think what you are trying to do will work. You can only serve JSPs using the “web” folder in a package. Read about that in the Web Applications Developer’s Guide 7.1.1 available on Advantage.

Page 36 of that document includes the following:

Thanks for your reply.

but requirement is to client call the service without web prefix.


You can not meet that requirement using only Integration Server’s embedded Tomcat. The requirement appears to be to submit an XML document over HTTP. As the provided of the capability to do so, you control the URL but can only do so within the limits of the tool you are using.

Now, you could setup a standalone Tomcat server and create a JSP with the required URL that simply redirects traffic to the Integration Server URL, but that seems to be non-value-added and would introduce additional components that are unnecessary and would represent new points of failure.

My suggestion is to push back on this “requirement” explaining the realities of the underlying tools.