Universal Messaging 3014 queue!!

hi everybody,
i have an out of memory on my JVM, and when i check my UM i fond a big number of queues are creating without knowing how and when :?

attatched the image of my UM with all this queues;

it is unlikely that the temp queues are causing the out-of-memory, but you should clean them up. I am assuming that you are using Integration Server with Universal Messaging. If that is the case, then you can disable the setting Create Temporary Queue in the JMS alias in Integration Server. You only need this setting enabled if you use the pub.jms:sendAndWait service. It is not needed if you are only using pub.jms:send. This will prevent the temp queues from being created.
You can safely delete the temp queues by selecting them in Enterprise Manager and pressing the delete-key on your keyboard. You can select the first one, then shift-select the last one to delete them all at once.
If you are using a more recent version of Universal Messaging, they will actually be deleted automatically.

You out-of-memory exception may be caused by caching. Please go to Enterprise Manager, select your realm and click the Config tab. Then navigate to Event Storage and double-click EnableStoreCaching and set it to FALSE. Then restart the UM server.

Hope this helps.

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thank you so much Jonathan Heywood, the problem is resolved :D,