Unable to write the status file sagis1015.java.status

Hello Experts,

Unable to start the integration , Please find the attached wrapper log and do the needful.
webMethods version : 10.15
Note: All the directory and file permission are good. We have a same set of server, which is working.

[startup.sh] Starting a Tanuki daemon…
Starting Software AG Integration Server 10.15 (default)…
Waiting for Software AG Integration Server 10.15 (default)…
WARNING: Software AG Integration Server 10.15 (default) may have failed to start.
The log file “/ngs/app/ihubgriffint/apps/wm1015_ihubgriffin_ut/profiles/IS_default/logs/wrapper.log” may contain further information

wrapper.log (22.9 KB)

Best Regards
K M, Varun

Hi Varun,

apparently there seems to be a permission issue with your profile/IS_default/configuration, which contains the OSGi profile for your instance. Same apply to the status files.


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