Unable to view full IS admin console page in Internet explorer


This is regarding the display of IS admin console page in Internet explorer.

We are not able to view the full IS admin console page in Internet explorer.

We are able to view the same properly in Mozilla Firefox.

But to know is there any settings required to make Internet explorer compatible to display the IS console page properly.

We are facing the currently issue in wM9.10 and 9.12


What version of Internet Explorer are you using?

As for WM 9.12, only Microsoft IE 11.x is supported for “webMethods Integration Server” with below exceptions:

  1. IE and Chrome does not support Process Modelling. Only Firefox
  2. IE 11 Enterprise Mode is not supported.

Is the issue you are seeing with IE started happening now or after any IS fixes installed and seeing this behavior? Also Which version of IE are you trying assuming 11.x?


Thanks for the reply.

Using IE 11 version.


Hello Swathi,

This is known issue for 9.10 and 9.12 in IE.
For a workaround just go to developer console of IE and change IE11 to edge it will work.

For permanent fix…Check with SAG. They can provide engineering patch.