unable to validate flatfile

Hi guys,

    My criteria is to validate a flat file so for tat i am using [B]pub:schema:validate [/b]flow step,In the input i had mapped my flatfileDT to object and copied schema in confirmsTO . While executing the service i am getting the following error (version 6.5)

[ISS.0062.9024] Integration Server does not support this type of object in validation >>>BasicData:recordWithNoID=[0]>>>BasicData:@record-id=recordWithNoID,@delimiters=>>>BasicData:record=\n,field=;,subfield=:,FormatInfo=>>>BasicData:<<<<<<,@segment-id=recordWithNoID,name=prad,desig=ei[,@loops-id=prad<<<<<<

thanks in advance

pub.schema:validate works only for XML documents in node form. As the error message states it does not work for flat files. Refer to the Built-in Services Reference and the Flat File Schema Developer’s Guide for more details.

thanks for your quick response Eamon.