Unable to start the TN Console -- ORA-01401: inserted value too large for column

When i try to open TN Console, I get the following error.
“inserted value too large for column”. I am using 6.1 version of IS and oracle 9i as database.

I have configured Jdbc pools and also when i test the Functional Alias Definition ( TN ) it displays succussful.

Can anybody help me out.


Hi Anil ,

1.drop the tables.
2.Use FIX TNS_6-1_Fix15.jar.
place this fix at …/Integration Server/updates folder and update properties.cnf in wmTN/config to tn.server.seq=31.
3.create tables from scripts and start u’r server.

i think this will fix u’r problem.


Hi Balaji,

Thanks, It worked and able to open the TNConsole.


unable to start tn console working for the first time
plz tell the steps required in details

Grizzle: To be able to help, we need to know what symptoms you are experiencing. What error message is being displayed?

Hello All,

I’m getting a “Inserted Value too large for column” error while trying to open the TN Console. I was looking for “FIX TNS_6-1_Fix15.jar” file to fix the issue as mentioned in one of the earlier threads. Can somebody please tell me where to find this file.

Thanks much ,

The TN fixes are avaliable at the below link




Please download it from this location,



It’s working perfectly now.

Thanks everyone. Appreciate all your help.



HI RMG, I have sent an email to you(sify) . Please let me know your thoughts on that.

Thanks, Nagendra

I have run the TN scripts before installing the patch. Then I have installed the patch.After installing the patch. Do we need to drop the TN database tables and recreate the table?


Yes, You have to drop the tables and recreate them again.


When i try to open TN Console, I get the following error.
TradingNetworks database pool is not configured.
how do i configure a TN database pool.

wM admin console --> Settings --> JDBC pools --> Set the function name “TN” (you need to know the database parameters)

You might need to run the create db scripts for TN, if not already ran


You should run the TN DB Scripts depends on what database are you using (Oracle or SQL server or DB2 etc…)these scripts are located in the webMethods installed filesystem c:\WM6\common\db\scripts\create folder.

Run those scripts successfully and create the functionalAlias for TN using the IS AdminConsole page and enter the TN DB information and test the Alias it should run successfully.

If you dont have enough Admin privileges for doing above work, please take help from your WM Admin or DBA for make it work.


i am not able to get the TNS_6-1_Fix15.jar from the site can anybody plase send me on my email id because i am not able to configure the trading network console

Hi Sandeep,
I have sent the jar to your email address.

Puneet Verma


If you are looking for that zip file…get it from here www.webmethods.com/tnresolution.


If you’re using 6.1 you should go the link RMG gives, as it also contains TNC_Fix13 for Trading Networks Console.