Unable to start CentraSite - "INTERNAL\UDDIsubscriptionUser" not registered

After installing CentraSite as part of the webMethods 9.6 suite installation, I get this error:

INMJRE0106: Login rejected, user “INTERNAL\UDDIsubscriptionUser” not registered

Looks like the internal CentraSite database can’t be connected with the system user. I haven’t modified any configuration files. Could that be due to a failed installation or do I need to set something up? How can I fix this?




did you start the database after the installation?


Hi Daniel

I did. When the database was stopped I got a connection refused error.

did you see this message in the osgi.log? If so, that one can be ignored.
What do you get when you login into CentraSite Control Web UI?
Can you check wrapper.log if there is something printed out?


I couldn’t get into Centrasite’s Web interface. The port wasn’t running. When looking at the C:\SoftwareAG9.6\profiles\CTP\configuration\com.softwareag.platform.config.propsloader folder I noticed that there were files with an properties.original extension instead of just properties. After renaming the files, and restarting the runtime, I was able to get into the Web interface. This is strange, but my guess is that it was due to a failed upgrade step from version 8.2.

Daniel, I think you were right about ignoring the error in the osgi log file. Even on a clean installation (on a totally separate environment), this error comes up in the log but doesn’t prevent the Web interface to work.