Unable to send xml payload via postman to webmethods.IO via Webhook

Hi All,

I am unable to execute a POST request with “Content-Type”: “application/xml” through Postman to webMethods.io Integration. Can you please tell me what needs to be done to be able to send/accept a SOAP payload from external system to my WMIO instance?

Attached is the error I am getting in the postman:-

webMethods.io workflows will only accept json. You need to create a flow service instead.

Can you please show me some code snippets/tutorial as to how to accept SOAP payloads from external systems (say, postman) and incorporate them into the flow service?

Actually you can post other types to web hooks. The problem must be with your request,
Taking a look myself, never tried this before either :wink:

I couldn’t get any type other than “application/json” or “text/plain” to work with webhook. In addition there are no services to manipulate xml or soap in workflow, so you would have to use a flow service anyway.

Also I should have explained that it would be easier to build a SOAP API, that way you avoid the whole xml and translation bit, but I see that you posted that as a separate question.

So for anyone interested in this subject please refer here



You were right initially. I am not sure as to why you edited your answer. Webhooks only allow json type payloads. So, I created a SOAP API and then exposed the endpoint to the external system. While I did face troubles initially, but with the help of u guys completed that part.

Many thanks for the suggestions.

I got a little excited when I saw a hint in the webhook editor that you can specify the content type in the headers section. Unfortunately it gives an error if you try specify anything other than “application/json” or “text/plain” :sneezing_face:

We have opened a support call internally to find out if this is normal behaviour.


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