unable to send multiple path parameters in virtual rest service

I am trying to virtualize a rest API in webMethods centrasite. The issue i have is i am unable to send multiple path paramaters at the resource level.
For e.g.:
my resource URI is: {language}/{version}/store/search.{format}

when i just define the resource URI with hardcodes as: /nl/1/store/search.xml, everything works fine…
but the language, version and format should be dynamically passed through the path.

When i give only one path paramater, e.g: {language}/1/store/search.xml, it works…
even when i define e.g: nl/{version}/store/search.xmlm it works…

but when i provide all path parameters like {language}/{version}/store/search.{format}, it doesnt work. It gives me the error: Mediator encountered an error:Resources for the endpoint URI not found. Endpoint URI: nl/1/store/search.xml

I am on centrasite 9.8 with all the latest patches. Has anypne defined multiple path paramaters for a rest service? the documentation is very limited… any help would be appreciated.

Hi Basheer,

Can you please tell me the following points.

  1. what is $resourceID here.
  2. Host url (you can provide the path after the directive) which you are virtualizing


HI Basheer,

Do you create and configure the Runtime aliases for Virtual REST Service ?

Thanks & Regards,