Unable to see TN Processing Rule Details

Hi, I am developer who needs access to processing rule details. We do not have a standard install, so maybe this an issue with the install, but I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times. The administrator has set me up with the same permissions as other developers in my group, who can see the TN processing rule details. I have confirmed that I do have the same permissions in IS. I have consulted documentation and Advantage. All seem to pont to permissions, which appear to be correct for me. Has anyone run into this issue or does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks in advance, Mike

Is your userid comes under TNAdministrator’s group??

If yes then alternate option would be getting a Fix.I believe there is a fix for this in Advantage and also you need to reinstall your TNConsole…Do you have proper Developer/TNC fixes downloaded?? Are you able to view other stuff like profiles/doctypes/transaction analysis/TPA sections etc… the fix/proper install should solve the issue.I dont remember whats the fix name on top of my head now.Please do a search in advantage for more help.

Install TNC SP1 if you are not and also make sure you already have the SP1 on IS/TNS also.


If your user id belongs to the TNAdministrator group, you should be able to log on to TN Console and view about everything including the Processing Rules details, but I guess you already know that.


Rohit, Yes. I checked to make sure I was in the TNAdministrator group after reading the documentation. I appreciate the reply though!

Just so I understand things correctly, you can start Trading Networks console, login successfully, and see something (the Enterprise partner profile, I assume) but when you click on the processing rules command button you get some sort of access denied error - is this correct?

Also, in what ways in your install non-standard? What are the versions and patch levels of TNC and IS? I ask because, for example, TNC service pack 1 requires TNS service pack 1 on IS to function correctly and could, I think, cause the sort of behavior you’re seeing. Thanks,


It appears to me that you will also need to be in the Developers group for this access. Login to Advantage and see this link: https://advantage.webmethods.com/advantage?w=0?w=0&targChanId=knowledgebase&oid=1611542105
This SR refers to modifying TPAs, but I replicated the problem with processing rules also. HTH,


Tim, that is another excellent suggestion but unfortunately I have checked and I do have access to the Developer ACL, just like the other developers. Matter of fact, I have checked all user settings, and I mirror all other developers. Thanks for the idea, though, it would have been a good one to catch, if that was not set up!

Then it sounds like a problem with your local TNC install. See the post before my last. Are you at the same release level on TNC and TNS with the same fixes/service packs installed?


In some conditions,if you are sure you have installed the fix against this issue(webMethods released a fix can fix an issue like this),consider reloading the init.xml in WmTN package via TN console and reloading the WmTN package.Then just try again.

Guys, thanks for all the help. You made me feel good about being part of this community. It did turn out to be a service pack issue. I did not have the correct documentation on the install. Once I did that and got the correct service packs in, I could see the details. Thanks Rohit, RNG< Tim and Kenny!