Unable to see MQ adapter in IS admin console after installation of necessary package and jar files.

Hi all,

This is regarding the websphere MQ adapter.We have this in our project scope but i am completely new to this.

The wMMQAdapter package has been installed with the necessary jars.But unable to see any MQ adapter under the adapters in the IS admin console.

Is there any configuration which needs to be done to make the adapter visible in the admin page?The webmethods version is 9.12

I tried to go through the installation guide but not sure and am completely new to this ,so pls dont mind if this is a silly question.Can someone pls assist me on this.


Read “6-5_WebSphere_MQ_Adapter_Install_and_Users_Guide” there are some MQ jars which must be placed in IS class-path and other one time setup required.

Hi Mahesh,

Thank you very much for the details.

There was some jar file missing which was mentioned in the doc to be installed to register the adapter and make it visible.


Hi Swathi,

can you provide the version of the mq jars?

You will need either or at minimum if you plan to use TLS encryption on the connections.
Versions prior to this version are not aware of the appropriate cipher-specs.

Which Fix do you have applied to MQ Adapter?

I recommend Fix36 as this is the first one published after 9.12 has been released.