Unable to save trigger in Cumulocity (webmethods.io integration)

I am unable to save trigger and proceed with further steps. I provided proper details and Device ID as well but still im getting below error. Please help me to get this issue resolve

  • Invalid input(s). Please ensure that all inputs provided while adding the Cumulocity account are correct and try again.

Trigger Label :- Cumulocity trigger #1
Select Trigger :- Measurement
Connect to Cumulocity :- myCumulocityAccount
Device ID : 320 (As per setup)

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I have exactly the same problem. Did you manage to resolve this. It looks like you are also working through the Snowflake IOT Lab work. Have you been able to progress or are you still blocked on this

Hi Nick,

You need to use the service account with the global reader role then your issue is going to resolve, Initially I am also facing the same issue after I changed my connection with service account credentials it is working fine.

Trigger Label:- Cumulocity trigger #1
Select Trigger:- Measurement
Connect to Cumulocity:- myCumulocityAccount( use service account details which you have created on Snowflake IOT_LAB2)
Device ID: As per setup