Unable to save pipeline in wm 7x MWS

Hi Guys,

Currently Iam unable to save pipeline in MWS, to see what is the data processed in the service.

How can we achieve this?

About the service : Invoked by a scheduler and picks the flatfile from other server and place in webMethods server path.

Please help me,

Thanks Sandeep
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Can I have a look at your flow service?

Can you try Enable auditing=Always; to see if this helps

No luck after trying with Enable auditing always.


Ok, let me try a sample. Also explore about the logged fields in service auditing.

Can you attach your sample?

I assume your flow svc like below:

Main service (invoked by scheduler) – Enable auditing=When top-level service only. In your case the service is invoked by a scheduler and not by trigger or client request.

child service (which is invoked in the main service) – Enable auditing=Always


When top-level
service only - Indicate that the service should generate audit
data only when it is invoked by a client request
or a trigger. The service does not generate audit
data when it is invoked by another service (that
is, when it is a nested service).

Always - Indicate that the service should generate audit
data every time it executes. Select this option if
the service is a critical service that you want to be
able to audit every time it executes.
For further clarifications, write me on email.

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Sandeep – There are many threads on this auditing. Also review BIS for the same. Also suggest your client for upgrade.