Unable to resubmit the Order in BPM

I am not able to resubmit order in BPM.
if i want to change input xml and trying to resubmit for same BPM, it is not taking complete input xml,it is taking partially.

how can i add complete xml while resubmitting

Hi Mandem,

can you describe your issue in more detail please?

Additionally provide your wM version.

If possible, share some samples for better understanding.



Maybe the process is using the “express pipeline” option where the data transmitted is reduced to the bare minimum.

Best regardsm


Thanks both of you.

my concern is in BPM we have option like resubmit the order(XML).

at one BPM process step order got suspended,i need to change the XML and need to resubmit.

for that i went to up to that BPM process step and i have tried to resubmit the order.

i have selected “edit pipeline” option and tried to change the XML.

if the Order having 30,000 characters or less than that i am able to see complete XML.

if the order having more than 30,000 characters i am not able to see complete XML while resubmitting.(i am able to see part of the XML only )

please suggest me how to resolve this issue.

Thanks In advance.

But this should not shorten the fields to 30,000 characters, this should only remove the fields which are not defined as input and output of the process steps.

Please check for Fixes for Monitor, Monitor UI and PRT for your wM version.