Unable to resubmit in TN

In TN, right click the record and select Resubmit, it always get the status ‘IGNORE’.

How can I do the resubmit successully ?

Might be it is taking the Default Processing rule.
Check out which processing rule is getting invoked


Are you resubmitting the document that will kicksoff the main processing rule??As said above check the ActivityLog and see which processing rule its calling?? Also try using reprocess option instead of resubmit.


I haven’t set any processing rule
the default rule just ‘change status’

any other setting is need ?

BTW,why are you using default rule?? Its better you create a processingrule specific to your documentType/transaction that matches your sender/receiver/documentType triplet criteria and including Change Status.This way you can do resubmit/reprocess which will kickoff the right processing rule with expected results