unable to read the PDF file using http service of wM


We are able to read the PDF file from a given http link(xxxx) using internet explorer and XML spy.
But we are unable to read the pdf file from webmethods system using “pub.client:http” service. We are getting an authorisation problem while accessing with webmethods but not through internet explorer/XML spy.
We are giving the same username and password for both cases(webmethods and internet explorer/XML spy).

We are givng the following options:

Is the PDF file would be given any special authorisations or any configuration changes or any properties changes need to be done to access from webmethods ?

Please could you help us in this issue ASAP.
Waiting for your precious inputs.


How are you specifying the credentials in the pub.client:http call? Can you post the complete list of inputs you are providing to pub.client:http?

Thanks for all your suggestions and inputs.

Please find the details below which we are giving. There is no other parameters we are giving.

For security prupose, I have mentioned as xxxx in below details.

methode :get
loadas :bytes
auth/type :application/pdf
auth/user :xxxdom\xxu002
auth/pass :xxxxxxx

Is the webmethods user account needs to be maintained in the target server to retrieve the file ? Sine it is giving authorization error only when we are trying to access from webmethods.

Please provide your precious inputs.


What is the exact error you’re getting? One thing to note is that you’re setting auth/type to application/pdf. Why? application/pdf is a content-type not an authentication type.

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As Percio points out, the auth/type is incorrect. The auth/user and auth/pass must match what the target server is expecting. Refer to the wM IS Built-in Services Reference for info on the acceptable values for auth/type.