Unable to publish Task EDA Event to UM

Hi ,

We’ve MWS & Universal Messaging running in a separate machine and we’ve enabled Task Events for some of the tasks so that Integration server can listen to those events and execute other operations. However,we’re having issue when MWS is trying to publishing task event,
It is unable to reach UM and is saying the host name as “nsp://localhost:9000” but not the actual UM server host name is different and running in a different machine. We tried exploring all the options in the MWS ,
but there is no specific place we need to specify the UM to which Events should be published.

Also, in UniversalMessaging we cant’ see the Default webM Event Topic for Task " TaskChanged" which will receive the Task events that are being published from MWS.

Below is the error in MWS logs
pool-23-thread-1] - Failed delivery for (MessageId: ID-a01lpbsim15-brightstarcorp-com-42421-1534419109981-0-34735 on ExchangeId: ID-MWS server-42421-1534419109981-0-34736). Exhausted after delivery attempt: 1 caught:

com.pcbsys.nirvana.client.nRealmUnreachableException: Realm is currently not reachable:Realm was still unreachable after max retry count - nSessionAttributes:conns=1/[nsp://localhost:9000/] Message History --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RouteId ProcessorId Processor Elapsed (ms) [UniversalMessaging] [UniversalMessaging] [In-Process://Event::WebM::Task::2.0::TaskChanged ] [ 256] [UniversalMessaging] [to1 ] [UniversalMessaging:Event::WebM::Task::2.0::TaskChanged?reliable=true ] [ 255] Exchange --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Exchange[ Id ID-a01lpbsim15-brightstarcorp-com-42421-1534419109981-0-34736 ExchangePattern InOnly Headers {$Event$EventID=430076a3-fe89-4e17-b781-01f8766c28fa, $Event$FormatVersion=9.0, $Event$ProducerID=webMethods TaskEngine, $Event$Start=2018-09-12T11:02:46.673+10:00, $Event$Type={Software AG Product Documentation}TaskChanged, breadcrumbId=ID-a01lpbsim15-brightstarcorp-com-42421-1534419109981-0-34735, CamelRedelivered=false, CamelRedeliveryCounter=0} BodyType String Body <ns3:TaskChanged xmlns:ns2=“http://namespaces.softwareag.com/EDA/Event” xmlns:ns3=“Software AG Product Documentation”> 2 updated Sharon Day https://mws-apac.brightstar.com/F92619C7-3D12-DB72-7799-31C6BFBF884C.task.app.details.page?wmp_tc=12994&taskID=153523 _taskAnalyticsEnabled false <MapEntry

Can somebody throw some light on how to configure MWS to publish Task Events to Universal Messaging which is running in a different machine and have the topic created