Unable to locate or start compiler in SAP BC 4.0.1


Suddenly while compiling my java services I get an error
“Unable to Locate or start compiler.”

Previously I have compiled the same services. They execute perfectly with the previous code. If i add new code I am not able to compile the code.

Could any one please help.

I have also gone through the previous posts.

1.) Added Jdk’s path to the Path env. variable.
2.) Tried placing a javac file in the d:\sapbc40\server\jvm\bin .

If any one could guess what would have gone wrong.

Prior to this date i was able to compile my java services perfectly.

Appreciate your early reponses.

Thanks & Regards

You shouldn’t need to do 1 or 2 that you listed.

Update the server.cnf to specify the correct value for [FONT=Courier][SIZE=1]

watt.server.compile as described in the Installation Guide.