Unable to invoke store Procedure with out signature

Hi Experts,

I am using

webMethods version 9.5,
JDBC fix: JDBC_6.5_Fix47
wMroot: IS_9.5_SP1_Core_Fix3

My issue is invoking store Procedure with out signature. Details as follows

Input/Output for StoreProcedure is struct

for this i developed a java service to create Struct and Array descriptor. Using this descriptor i am creating a Array providing the input document and the result will be Struct and the same is provided as input to the Store procedure.

Store Procedure configurations:
I attached screen shot for the same.

I am able to invoke the store procedure in SQL developer.

Please some one help me with this issue. i need the Store Procedure to be invoked

StoreProc.zip (37.2 KB)

Hi Shyam,

I’m having the same issue. Did you figure it out?