JDBC error for Missing IN or OUT parameter at index:: 6

Hello Experts,

I am using JDBC adapter version 10.3. When i am trying to create a JDBC adapter service with template StoreProcedureWithSignature, I am getting the error Missing IN or OUT parameter at index:: 6

I tried to use the same procedure which was being migrated from 8.2 and it is working fine in the current env.

The only difference i see is the I/O of the procedure has CHAR datatype for which the JDBC type previously used to be CHAR but now it is coming as ORACLEFIXED_CHAR and we are not able to modify it once reloaded from the target.

Please suggest.


Hi Debapriyo,

Could you share your procedure signature? If you want to give a try by changing it to CHAR, then follow below steps

  1. In ORACLETypeMapping.xml configuration file present under <IS_DIR_PATH>instances//packages/WmJDBCAdapter/config directory
    change columnType mapping of FIXED_CHAR from ORACLEFIXED_CHAR to CHAR
  2. restart webMethods server



did you run the migration service inside JDBC Adapter while migrating from 8.2 to 10.x to adopt the services to the new specs?

Please check if you have the latest Fixes applied to JDBC Adapter.
If I remember right there were some issues with StoredProcWithSignature template mentioned in the readmes for JDBC Adapter Fixes.


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