Unable to install Tamino 4.2.1 starter kit

Hi I just downloaded Tamino 4.2.1 starter kit for Windows XP pro. However upon installing, a blank error window poped out and the installation terminated. The message on the next window before termination said “installation has been interrupted… install at a later time”. I have however not “interrupted” the installation manually. Could someone advise on this? Regards

If I remember correctly there should be an installation log-file somewhere probably called: INO4211Inst.log Have a look inside this. I had a similar problem once, where the licensefile did not match the operating system - so perhaps this is the problem… Finn

Hi I did a search of my entire disk, but no such file found. If I am not wrong, the installation didnt even manage to start. In any case, could it be possible that the installation requires some window components that are critical? Regards

Just wildly guessing right… - so perhaps somebody with more “real knowledge” of the installation should step in… What I would do now is retry the install, and when the blank msgbox appears then try a search for all files changed/created today, then perhaps some log file will turns up with interesting info. Finn

OK… that was a good idea. I found the INO4211Inst.log. Apparently the installation stops after this line, “SAGSetProperty Succesfull set property ‘ProductVersion’, value:‘’.” Nothings follows… has anyone any idea why such wierd behaviour occurs? Regards

And there isn’t more info if you proceed to the next msgbox, where it says “installation has been interrupted…” ? Finn

Ah… yup. That was the last msg box I would see before the installation terminates. Any idea how I should proceed?