unable to install GOOGLE GADGETS plugin

Anyone else done this?

I’ve tried on 7.11 and 7.12.

I go through the process just fine, Designer restarts, but then when I try to add a gadget to the palette the option is grayed out.

Also, when I go to the Google section of Designer Preferences I get the following error:

“Unable to create selected preferences page”
“null values not allowed”

Any ideas??


I’ve been able to use Google Gadgets with Designer 7.1.2, but it didn’t have any Fixes applied. Do you have any Fixes applied to your Designer 7.1.2?

Also, if you could post the Designer log that might give me an idea about what’s going wrong.


Thanks Mark.

My 7.11. has the subEclipse plugin, the 7.12 install is virgin.

I will forward you the log.

Thanks again, sincerely,


Here are some pointers Mark provided offline if you have similar issues:

  • Start Designer in “clean” mode
  • Be sure to add the Google Component Library to your project
  • The first time you attempt to add a gadget to the pallet be sure to use the drop down arrow on the pallet view, not right-click/add gadget

See attached images for context!