Unable to Install a Fix on the Server


I am trying to install a fix (IS_6-2_SP2_Fix5) on my IS 6-2_SP2 to resolve an error with pub.flatfile.convertToString service.
I followed the procedure mentioned in the ReadMe file of the fix but I don’t see the fix on the About page.

Can some one suggest me a solution please?


Some times if the fix is not applied properly it would not be displayed on IS About page but it should be displayed under IS About - View Page (This is a link present at the bottom of the IS About page) - You should able to see the fixes applied.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for responding.

But I don’t see any IS About - View link on the About page on any of my servers.
I am working on 6.1_SP2 version of wM.

Any other ways to find it?


The link should be similar to the attached screenprint.

View Link on IS.jpg

I don’t see those two fields Packages/Updates and Data Model on my servers About page.


Did the user with which you are logging on IS is part of administrator grp/acl?

Yes, I have the administrator privileges.

do you reboot your IS ?

I did. But still i dont see that fix updated on the server.

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