Unable to insert instance without an error

I inserted the following instance into Tamino via X-Plorer

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <pabGroup xmlns="http://www.qatar.tamu.edu/xmlnamespace/sms/" xmlns:ino="http://namespaces.softwareag.com/tamino/response2" xmlns:tsd="http://namespaces.softwareag.com/tamino/TaminoSchemaDefinition" xmlns:xql="http://metalab.unc.edu/xql/"> <recipient> <pubRecip> <SAM>sam.smith</SAM> </pubRecip> </recipient> <recipient> <privRecip> <name>Steve Prefontane</name> <mobile>2811111111</mobile> </privRecip> </recipient> <SAM>russell.lindell</SAM> <pabGroupName>test</pabGroupName> </pabGroup> 

I used the insert instance option and it uploaded without a problem. I then clicked on the instance to view it and it told me “No next TXML Object available! ”

When I attempt to delete the instance it gives me the following error. “The instance “1” cannot be deleted. No matching document found ”

Can anybody clarify what the problem might be. Any help would be appreciated.


I think the problem is caused by having a namespace declaration in the root element. This is really an instance of “p: pabGroup” where p is the specified namespace. Did you define a schema before inserting the instance, and if so, does the schema include a namespace declaration?
I can reproduce the delete problem if I store the instance into collection ino:etc (with no schema), and I can solve it by removing the namespace definition from the instance.
Does this help?

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Thanks for the help. I took out my custom namespace from the schema definition and the XML document. It works like a charm now. I’m sure in the future I will need it but for now it’s fine.

Again thanks for taking the time to help


Which version of X-Plorer and Tamino Server do you use? Of course the problem is of namespaces and if you define a prefix for the target namespace then everything will work just fine (in this case, you should also define the prefix for the doc-type). But I doubt if X-Plorer that comes with Tamino 4.2.1 already solves the problem … well, I have to check it!