Unable to Import Trading Network Asserts in MWS

Hi All,

Today, I had the issue in MWS, I have Exported TN Asserts in MWS1 and trying to Import in MWS2 using MWS Import/Export features. I am unable to do this, getting a message like “No Import results available”. Could you please help me on this.

Thank You,

Hi Abdullah,

you can try to use Deployer to deploy the TN Assets from IS1 to IS2.

MWS is just a UI for the TN Server hosted on IntegrationServer.

Additionally make sure that you have applied the matching set of Fixes for TradingNetworks Server (TNS_) and TradingNetworks UI (TN_MWS_) on both instances. See Readmes of these for further informations.


Thank you, Holger von Thomsen