unable to get metadata IDOC

Hi everyone
I am facing a problem when receving IDOC from SAP to wm, i saw error in server log as below
unable to get metadata IDOC. You have no authorization for basic types
Could anyone please tell me how to fix it.
Thanks so much

Hi Nguyen,

can you provide some more details please?

wM version with Fixes (esp. for Adadapter Runtime/ART)
SAP Adapter Fix being applied
Version of JCo and JCoIDoc libraries

Is the SAP Connection active?

Additionally contact your SAP Administrators team to check if you RFC-User has sufficient privileges in the SAP system to access the document definitions.


SAP version 7.4
JCO 3x
wM IS version 9.6
connection SAP is ok, don’t have any problem, every listener and listenerNotification is same good
I don’t know why

Hi Nguyen,

can you provide a screen shot of the SAP Adapters About-Page please?

This will contain all relevant version informations.

Also provide the complete error message from the server.log and/or error log for further analysis.